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What is Psychiatry?

Psychiatry is a medical field related to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders.
Psychiatrists are thus medical doctors having expertise in diagnosing and treating mental health issues. They have a good understanding of physical and mental health – knowing how important is the harmony between the two for proper functioning of a human body.
However, to receive best care you must see your primary doctor first who may recommend you to see a psychiatrist, if he thinks you have an illness that needs an expert care.
Common mental problems
Mental problems are common and there is no single reason to pinpoint as the root cause of mental problems. There are many different types of mental problems with varying causes some of these disorders are as follow;

Bipolar disorder
Child mental health
Eating disorders
Mental health
Mood disorders
Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder
Panic disorder
Personality disorders
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD)

What does a psychiatrist do?

A psychiatrist assesses your mental condition, make a diagnosis and depending on that diagnosis develop a plan for your treatment and recovery.

Psychiatrists can perform the tasks as follow;


  • Can give you a psychological treatment
  • prescribe medications
  • do therapies
  • provide advice about changing lifestyle
  • provide urgent care for a sudden mental illness
  • help diagnosing a difficult condition


When to see a psychiatrist?

Al- Khidmat hospital is among well-known hospitals that has a panel of erudite and competent doctors who have remarkable expertise to deal with any mental disorders faced by people.
Following are some top most common reasons to see a psychiatrist as soon as possible if you suffer from anyone of these;

Overwhelmed by negative thoughts

If you notice that pessimism is dominating your thought process and above all if its persistent then you may need to see a psychiatrist.

It is another mental problem where a person becomes suicidal and self-harm seems to be the only recourse to him to emancipate himself from any situation he is going through. But luckily, it is absolutely preventable if you see a psychiatrist timely.
Disturbed sleep patterns

The very obvious sign of depression is a disrupted sleep. It may even lead to insomnia and nightmares. If you feel significant change in your sleep patterns it might be the time to investigate the underlying causes causing such issues.
Undergoing big changes in life
New ventures are challenging yet daunting for quite a number of people. People get intimidated by the fact that their life has changed drastically and feel unable to cope up with the changes but it is absolutely normal to need assistance with that, in order to grapple with such phobias.

Feeling isolated

Many people dealing with mental issues feel that they are all alone in dealing with their experiences. This sense of isolation

can actually posit a serious threat to further deterioration of their mental health. In such case it is absolutely necessary to see

A Psychiatrist
Delusions (fixed beliefs with no basis in reality)
Thoughts of hurting other people

How are Mental Disorders Diagnosed?

  • Through your medical history
  • Through your physical exam
  • A psychological evaluation

How Are They Treated?

  • Through psychological treatment
  • Medication
  • Brain stimulation therapies


What to Expect While Visiting a Psychiatrist?

Well visiting a psychiatrist for the first time can be quite daunting for many but a psychiatrist asks few simple questions and do not dig straight into questions that might cause you to feel unease.

Come prepared with your medical history as you will be asked about your medical history which actually gives rich insight of your problem.
Get yourself prepared for the questions by the psychiatrist – it makes sense to maintain the candor during the question answer session.

Where Do I Get Affordable Psychiatric Treatment In Rawalpindi?

Al Khidmat  Raazi hospital in Rawalpindi with its competent and deeply experienced staff is the best option to get your psychiatric problems solved under affordable charges. Psychiatrists at Al  Khidmat Raazi Hospital work with teams of doctors and specialists in other areas to make sure you get the care you need.

If you are really looking for the best treatment, schedule an appointment now at Al- Khidmat Raazi Hospital to experience the best treatment in town.

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