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General Surgery

General Surgery

General Surgery

What is General Surgery?

General surgery is recommended for patients in the case where medication cannot prove to be effective for the treatment of the ailments. The general surgery may include routine and simple procedures performed by a physician such as vasectomy, or even complicated operative procedures that require skilled medical team in a proper operation theatre, such as laparoscopic cholecystectomy (removal of the gallbladder).

Any disorders affecting the major areas of the body like stomach, liver, intestines, appendix, breasts, thyroid gland, salivary glands, some arteries and veins, and the skin are treated using general surgery. Whereas certain parts of the body like the brain, heart, lungs, eyes, feet, kidneys, bladder, and reproductive organs require specialized surgical procedures.

Laparoscopic surgery is also termed as Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS), Keyhole surgery, or Pinhole surgery. These are modern surgical techniques in which the surgeries are carried out by making small incisions (usually 0.5 - 1.5cm) as compared to larger incisions needed in traditional surgical procedures. The surgeries performed in abdominal or pelvic cavities, are carried out using Laparoscope, whereas thoracoscopic surgery is a keyhole surgery performed on the thoracic or chest cavity. These surgeries belong to the broader field of endoscopy.

Laparoscopic surgery offers several advantages to the patients as against the traditional surgeries like…

  • Reduced blood loss, diminishing the risk of needing a blood transfusion
  • Smaller incision, lesser pain and faster recovery time
  • Reduced intake of medication to alleviate pain
  • Early discharge from hospital, often on the same day of the procedure
  • Less risk of acquiring infections by controlling the exposure of internal organs to possible external contaminants

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