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ENT Department

ENT Department

Dr. Ramesh Chand Yadav & Dr. Amit Nahata 

ENT Surgery

At par with the advancement in medical technology, the ENT department of Dhanwantari Hospital uses cutting-edge treatment modalities for ENT related problems. Being totally sensitive towards patient care in rendering careful approach, the team of experts at Dhanwantari Hospital provides effective treatments for ENT related disorders.

Dhanwantari Hospital strives for providing affordable treatments to the community at the same time upholding critical quality parameters like safety, longevity, and effortless procedures.The ENT department of Dhanwantari Hospital facilitates Day Care ENT procedures and the patients can return home on the very same day, as soon as they recover from anesthesia.

Ear Surgery

Most of the ear surgeries are carried out as day care procedures.

Myringotomy and Grommet Insertion: Under this procedure, an incision in the eardrum is made to drain out the middle ear fluid and place a ventilation tube inside. This procedure is carried out under local anesthesia without the need of general sedation in the adult patient. The patient is usually discharged within 1 hour of the operation. Children are treated under the administration of ketamine to anaesthetize them generally for a short period of time and are sent home upon regaining full consciousness and as certified by the anesthetist.

Tympanoplasty:The ear drum is repaired with the restoration of the middle ear hearing apparatus under tympanoplasty. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia with general sedation and the patients are later discharged upon gaining full recovery.

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